Forget wings, sometimes you just need help drawing a straight line. Like anything, applying eyeliner is a skill that takes some practice. Pandas are one of the cutest animals, just not something I ever want to look like! Whether you're a liquid liner fan or prefer the all amazing pencil, here are some of the most common eyeliner mistakes & how to fix or avoid making them. 

Mistake: You're looking straight into the mirror

Fix: This sounds good in theory but does it really work? Yes and you will thank me when you try it. Place a handheld mirror on your counter and look down into it while bringing your eyebrows up to the ceiling. This will allow you clear access to your lids and don't have to fight with your lashes getting in the way. Rather than tugging at your skin which can create bumpiness & texture when it bounces back, this way gives your skin the natural taut and smoothness you are looking for. 

Mistake: Your eye pencil isn't sharp enough

Fix: Even with a sharp pencil, you still have to understand that Rome wasn't built in a day. A sharp pencil is key to achieving that clean, professional look. Try using lots of little strokes - this will minimize mistakes and avoid anything being too dark or too fat. 

Mistake: You're applying too much liner on your bottom eyelid

Fix: When liner is too dark or too heavy on your bottom lash line, it drags your eyes down, making you look tired & sad. Opt for a lighter color and lighter application, if that's not an option, try smudging it. The difference between a harsh line and a smokey eye is just a little smudge. 

Mistake: You're not setting it with eyeshadow

Fix: If you have hooded or oily eyelids, you probably get that half moon on your eyelid midway through the day. Taking the time to set your liner with eyeshadow or face powder can help avoid the embarrassment of  someone pointing out that your eyeliner is everywhere it shouldn't be. Smudging will also help soften a harsh line, fill in any gaps, create a more natural look & set your eyeliner to last all day and all night. 

Mistake: You're using the wrong type and/or color eyeliner

Fix: You're so used to using that black eyeliner we're all guilty of going to. Don't be afraid to lighten it up, especially if you're fair skinned. Blues and purples are always fun, switch it up & keep it subtle for everyday use. If you're using the wrong type, as we know there are many -- pencil or liquid? Crayon or gel? Aside from picking the right color, picking the right formula is half the battle. One of my newbie trick was to start with a pencil liner, get as thin and as close to the lash line as possible. Once finished, trace over using a liquid formula to get that dramatic, long lasting staying power.

Mistake: You're leaving a gap

Fix: Eyeliner looks best when applied closest to your lash line & even in between the lashes themselves. Use our tightlining technique to get the best results. 

Some of our favorite eyeliners:

Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

Inglot Liquid Eyeliner

Stila 'Smudge Pot' Gel Eyeliner

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner Pen 


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