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So you have a big date tonight? Well, looks like your skin has other plans. A nicely, large pesky zit decided to come along and bring some baggage, you know, the under eye kind that won't fit in the overhead bin; you have to check that kind of baggage. Thank goodness for concealer, what would we do without it? The last thing you need is for your concealer to cake up and draw more attention to those bags under your eyes or that big, fat blemish. So we've decided to uncover the top tips you need to know to ensure your concealer is working its hardest for you. Remember, order is everything!

Prep: For under your eyes be weary as the skin is very delicate. Make sure to keep the area hydrated and start with an under eye cream. By starting with a hydrating gel or cream moisturizer, as dry skin underneath concealer can make you it looked packed on and it will also give the concealer something to grab on to. Make sure to apply to the inner corner of your eyes, not just underneath. This will keep your concealer from caking and creasing. A good base is key when it comes to applying concealer under your eyes. 

Match: All concealers are not created equal. The concealer you use to hide under-eye baggage is not the same concealer you would use to cover a zit. Generally speaking, most peoples under-eye darkness has a purple tint to it; best to use an orange based concealer to neutralize it first. Then build on top of that concealer with one that matches, or one shade lighter than your skin tone. Using one shade lighter

Texture: When applying concealer to a zit, if you apply it directly, it will probably cause more attention than hide it. Always remember you need to lay a base to give it an even playing field. Make sure to tap on or spot treat the area with your concealer and blend the edges. Use a little green-based formula under your concealer to neutralize the redness in the blemish. 

Set: Just like in everything else in your makeup routine, we are going back to our favorite - translucent powder! Powder goes everywhere, not just over the zip or under your eyes. A light dusting of translucent powder over the blemish and the entire face will give you an even canvas to continue applying your makeup without a problem. This may sound like an extra step but if it means your pimple won't show up midway though your date, it's definitely worth it. 

Using the above steps will turn your concealer game from a curse to a blessing.

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